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Aqualix Quality Policy Statement

Aqualix Co., Limited's mission is to provide all customers with services which consistently exceed their needs and expectations.


Aqualix is totally committed to achieving the highest management standards with particular emphasis placed upon operational safety, safe working practices, continuous improvement, including the establishment and stewardship of quality objectives and the protection of the environment.


This commitment to Quality includes all aspects of the various services provided.


There will be a constant drive to satisfy our customers, while always being mindful of our responsibility to our shareholders, employees, and the community. This involves the active participation, communication, endeavor, and ideas of all our employees.


These high standards of work and safety will be achieved by operating a quality system which meets the requirements of the International Quality Assurance Management Standard ISO 9001-2000 series and established safety management principles.    


Compliance with this policy, other policies, procedures, and instructions are mandatory and binding upon all employees. Quality including safety is the responsibility of everyone working for and on behalf of Aqualix Co Limited.


Customer satisfaction and the good name of Aqualix Co Limited is directly dependent upon this working philosophy.



Rob Riddell                                           08.10, 2008.                  

CEO, Director

Aqualix Co Limited