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Relocatable Commercial Waste Water Treatment Systems

With Water Treatment System's Design, Engineering & Manufacturing facilities located in Shanghai, & other valuable resources throughout mainland China, Aqualix takes maximum advantage of the highly efficient, continually expanding communications, & transportation networks to manage manufacturing & quality assurance processes, procure, & ultimately provide client specific WWT systems, equipment & associated products throughout the world.

Aqualix's proven Design, Manufacturing, & Production facilities consistently deliver Water Treatment systems & equipment conforming to the importing countries environmental & regulatory standards, codes of construction, and the highest product specific quality standards as demanded by you, the Aqualix client.

Aqualix’s combined years of professional industry experience; a wealth of technical, operational & practical knowledge along with fluency in both English & Mandarin is well qualified, & ready to help you improve your company's Water quality, & bottom line.

Design Standards

1. Data provided by client

2. Groundwater; Environmental quality standard GB3838-2002

3. Sewage water quality; standard CJ/T 48-1999

4. Noise; City / Regulatory environmental standards

5. Tank System Manufacturer; ISO 9001- 2008 Standard

6. Electrical – meets AS/NZS 3000 – 2008

7. Frame Manufacturer; ISO 9001: 2008 Standard and meets AS 1657 - 1992

Aqualix can and will meet any required Standards er your countries requirements.

Aqualix 1000 Person MBR Waste Water Treatment System 
Aqualix 500 Person MBR Waste Water Treatment System

Advantages of Aqualix MBR Re-Locatable Water Treatment Systems

Aqulaix Self Contained Re-locatable Membrane Bioreactors (MBRs) combine biological processes with advanced membrane technology to treat wastewater with greater efficiency at far reduced costs.

Replacing the conventional aeration, settling & filtration tanks which generally produce tertiary standard effluent, The MBR process achieves a far higher standard of filtration treatment which also removes dependence on additional disinfection as the membranes trap a significant proportion of pathogenic organisms.

Operating at a Mixed Liquor suspended solids (MLSS) concentration of up to 20,000 mg/L & a sludge age of 30-60 days the proposed MBR.

The system offers just some of the following advantages:

  • Consistently high post-treatment Effluent quality
  • Excellent disinfection capability, with greatly enhanced bacterial & viral reductions
  • Greater nitrification than Conventional Systems
  • Longer sludge aging results in lower sludge production
  • Space saving footprint technology
  • Ease of Operation with Proven Reliability
  • Virtually complete removal of (Giardia & Crypto) solids, and bacteria
  • Scalable modular units
  • Robustness in recovery resistant to upsets due to shock loadings or peak and fluctuating flows.
  • Solids Retention Time (SRT), and Hydraulic Residence Time (HRT) are controlled separately.
  • Virtually no odor compared with conventional treatment processes.
  • Sophisticated but simple to operate.
  • Re-location a breeze…everything contained in a ‘one simple lift’ unit.
  • Total tare weight with System & frame of only 7.5 tons. (50m3/day model)
  • Ladders & pop- up handrails ensure safe inspection & maintenance of each unit.
  • Electrical Controls to meet European Standards or Equivelent



       The Team:

Australian – Chinese

Combined 90 Years WWT Systems experience

Combined 120 Years company management

Design – Manufacture – Installation – Service

Equipment, Installation & Service quality assured

Equipment reliability guaranteed

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Systems reliability

Advanced technology

Reverse Osmosis Systems for Domestic and Commercial Applications.
 Please email for more information.
Grey Water or Rainwater Treatment Systems.

Technical Information:


Specifically for Rain Harvesting and good for Laundry Water or Shower reclaiming. 



Size:  350*540*960cm (Quoted in Powder coated steel, optional Stainless Steel or PP).



Material: 304 stainless steel


Flow: 3L/min

Voltage: 220v or 380v/50Hz



316stainless steel or brass



20" or 20" Jumb

1. UF membrane (very good for Laundry Water)

2. Spun melt polypropylene fabric


UV Sterilizer:

Chamber: 304stainless steel

Lamp: Low-pressure high intensity (55W)

Sleeve: Quartz